Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 and 2

The 20 minute run (slow jog) was a big success last night.  I was really dreading it but it went by relatively quickly and without pain.  I think it might be the farthest that I've ever gotten with Couch to 5K (I've tried this training program multiple times before without completion).  Now if I can get one more run in this week that is more like 25+ then I will feel good about participating in the 5K on July 11th. 

And 2 cc is what was added to the band today, so my total is now 8cc.  It's so funny how quick these appointments go, it takes no time at all, in and out,  yet the build up is so great because you know how much the visit will help you in the long run.  Still looking for that sweet spot, hoping the additional 2cc will help me get there and help me get through the temptation and overindulgence that normally comes with a holiday weekend with friends and family. 

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